Sexy UNESCO Temple in Konark

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Travel Day 897 – Puri and Konark, INDIA

Puri was definitely a great place to stay and the prospect of being able to see a close by UNESCO World Heritage Site was even better…

UNESCO enlisted Sun Temple in Konark, Konarak, India

UNESCO Sun Temple in Konark, India

But first we found ourselves a nice little place for breakfast with outdoor seating and really tasty food to a very reasonable price. Overall it seemed that Puri only slowly revealed its charm after we made the effort to peek behind the many high walls surrounding every property. It seemed almost a bit strange at first, but literally every single property was fenced off and protected from the main street…

Since we made the plan to travel all the way south to the backwaters of Kerala, it seemed we didn’t have too much time and under different circumstances I probably would have stayed for quite while in Puri. But in this case we rather enjoyed another nice walk along the beach and then did a little day trip to the famous, UNESCO enlisted, Sun Temple in the close by town of Konark…

Konark was only about one hour by bus away from Puri, but finding the correct bus on the local market and even getting to the bus stand without using an overpriced rickshaw became the first issue. With a lot of patience we finally managed to catch the correct bus and even for a correct price, it only took us all morning to get everything sorted out…

Sculpted Wheel at the UNESCO Sun Temple in Konark, Konarak, India

Sculpted Wheel at the Sun Temple

Once we arrived at the Sun Temple, we realized that not only the two rickshaw rides had been overpriced and bus conductor tried to charge us too much, but the official entrance ticket for foreigners was 25 times more expensive than it was for local people. While this was obviously annoying, there was nothing really we could do about it besides at least enjoying the World Heritage Sun Temple with its surrounding smaller shrines…

The Sun Temple itself, also called Black Pagoda, was dating back to the 13th century and was nowadays considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of India. Initially built to celebrate the victory over the Muslims, the temple fell into decline after the Mughals conquered the area and dissembled its original dome. The Sun Temple was originally situated by the sea and it had 24 beautifully sculpted wheels at its bottom which were said to have functioned as sundials to give the precise time of the day…

Sexy Statues at the UNESCO Sun Temple in Konark, Konarak, India

Sexy Statues at the Konark Sun Temple

But what was also beautifully sculpted were some of the figures surrounding the temple and at some point we realized that they were in fact quite sexy. A lot of the little statures reminded me of the Kama Sutra temples that I had seen in Khajuraho and likewise here, all sorts of sexy scenes were displayed all round the temple. Since there were quite a lot of statues, finding the sexy ones became naturally the fun thing to do while we walked around this World Heritage Site…

In the end it seemed that actual acrobatic sex positions as seen in Khajuraho were rather space in Konak, but it was once more good to see that a religious building could be a great architectural site and at the same time sexy and fun… : )

Find all Konark photos here.

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      Hi Kai,
      Thank you for your comment. I am glad you enjoyed reading the post and if you happen to be in the area, I would certainly recommend a visit at the sexy Konark Sun Temple… : )

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