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You have come to the right place if you like travelling, but especially historical architecture, cultural experiences and all sorts of adventures. While this website used to be mainly a personal account, it now is becoming a detailed resource covering curiosities and interesting places from around the world. But this travel blog not only portrays the world as it is today, it also tries to help you through comprehensive travel tips to see the world in your own eyes as well.

Discover UNESCO

Discovering UNESCO sites and evaluating them has become an integral part of the travel experience, especially because they usually relate to historical architecture as well.

Historical Architecture

Due to the formal education and work as architect, finding interesting historical places and covering them from an architecturally flavoured perspective seems only natural.

Travel Adventure

Those travel adventures on the road are not only the exciting part of every trip, but also what makes the whole experience, at least in hindsight, really fun and worth remembering.

Homemade Campervan

Travelling Europe on a budget is a challenge, but converting an old van into a homemade camper and setting out on a road trip, certainly turned out to be a really wallet-friendly way to travel.


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